Technology Trends : Journey from “Good to Have” to “Must Have”

18 Dec, 2017 Technology 0 Comments

We are on the threshold of a revolution in Mobile App Development. The dependency on the smartphone makes this Industry as a poster boy. 2018 will see trends which will change the face of mobile app development. In this Article, you will come to know the different trends which will bring changes in technology and society.

  1. Cloud-based App Development – The reason why it holds the first position because it is one of the pillars of revolution in smartphone industry completely. Less internal memory space requirement and direct fetching data from clouds is a special power. Cloud-based App Development is less expensive to operate and maintain. These points are enough to give you insight about into:-
    • Simplified Operation
    • Instant Scalability
    • Fast response according to the business requirement
    • Improved data sharing and security
    • Within Budget
    • API use
    • Gradual Adoption
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages– One of the trends which will impact mobile app development. Usually, it accelerates the page load on mobile device and factor for indexing on the mobile web. It will increase the web traffic and reduce the bounce rate as well, which is quite healthy for mobile marketing.
    How it will help you:-

    • Contents ( Ads / Webpages) published in AMP will load instantly which will give users
      smooth, more engaging experience on the mobile phone.
    • Flexibility for publisher and advertiser in terms of content handling, technology vendors to use
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning– No doubt that technology has cut down the extra work of the human. They are called as ” Intelligent Agent” as they allow the apps to recognize and understand the nature of pattern and draw useful insight by analyzing the huge data. A lot of sectors will adopt this technology in coming years for effortless and smooth activity.
  4. Internet of Things ( IoT) – It will influence the world of App Development in the coming years. This will be proofed as the piston in technology where the things around us will work through the Internet. It will help business domain across various domains.
  5. Augmented Reality – Now you can experience the graphics in the real world environment through this technology. The most trending topic on Web, the reason is it will eradicate theboundary between what is real? And what is computer generated ?. They have broadened our vision in terms of technology usage. Now the games will be inside the room and keypad will be on your palm.
  6. Wearable Apps – 2018 will surely give us techno gifts on our wrists. It is taking another revolution where you will able to handle all your calls, measure the heartbeat on just twist of a wrist. Well, when it comes to style statement we always look for something new, then you should glad to know that this is a blend of technology and style.
  7. Blockchain– The most demanding in terms of security in 2018. As the time is rolling out, Smartphones are handling confidential and sophisticated data aggressively. Blockchain will surely take place when it comes to security on mobile apps.

We are on the threshold of the technology boom, and these will surely hit the market next year.

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