IBeacon : An important element in the Enterprise Mobility

11 Sep, 2017 Proximity 7 Comments

In this high-stake world of technology, comes a new tool called iBeacon which will make your app irresistible and interactive. So what is iBeacon? Beacons are essentially, small, cheap Bluetooth transmitters. The Apps installed on your mobile device  listens out for the signal transmitted by these beacons and notifies the user accordingly when the phone […]

Android Inside Part -1

30 Aug, 2017 Business Apps 1 Comment

“MOBILITY” has become a red hot term these days. Many organizations are increasingly prioritizing the need to mobilize their workforce, their websites and their services. And if your Mobile is smart it can do wonders to you. Android makes it possible though. Android devices gives you that extra edge to perform tasks at a great […]

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