Tough Competition…!!! What to Choose? Responsive Web Design OR Mobile Application

16 Aug, 2017 Web Development 0 Comments

If I go with Responsive Web Design

SEO Needed

If you want to gain large exposure in terms of audience you would like to go for SEO and other services like page rankings and search engine rankings but as Mobile Applications are not crawled by the search engines, we cannot expect them to grab the audience who surf the web


Responsive Web Design works on a single version you just need to build the website and optimize across mobile devices whereas in mobile app you have to build one for website and other for mobile.

Globally Compatible

To ensure your presence in seen in the same across every device (computer, tablet, mobile phones) responsive is the route to take. This will cover all of your bases rather than having to worry about your app being available in its best form on only a few devices.

Development Expenses

When it comes to cost Mobile Application development is both neither expensive nor cheap and Responsive Web Design increases with increase in number of elements in the website


If I have a Mobile Application

Features / Functionalities

Mobile applications provide some features which are difficult to integrate in web platforms. Some of the features like camera or geo location are not available on a web platform hence you some where feels the need of mobile application.

Offline Access

 Mobile apps provide faster load time than responsive design and also provide offline access to content or perform functions without network / wireless connection.

Implementation Time

 Mobile Application takes less time if you know the exact features and you have planned well and for Responsive design I will it has a longer development cycle and complexity in the development increases as website map gets more complex.

Design Approach

 In Responsive Design it requires specialized knowledge for this new approach and in Mobile Application if you know the exact features and functionality you can move smooth with your designs.

Rate of Return

We actually cannot judge between native app and responsive web design because both give a good percentage of return after a maturity time, but we can say that features like app purchases and in app purchases welcomes big gains in lesser amount of time.

What will you choose from this competition???

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