7 reasons – Why you need Mobile Applications for your Business?

1 Jul, 2017 Business Apps 0 Comments

1. Better Visibility –
Having a mobile application for your website increases your visibility and allows the customer to reach you easily. One doesn’t have to sit on desktop or laptop; neither has to go to browser to type URL and wait for loading and navigating. It gradually decreases the interest of customer. In spite of this long process; app allows user to get connected to you on a single tap of finger. Having app on the phone creates continues connectivity i.e. whenever user look at the app it reminds them of your services.

2. Makes advertising easy on the pocket book –
Mobile apps optimizes the cost you pay for other media advertising whether it is social media, online advertising, online ad campaigns, website, print advertising, etc. It is cost effective but has high return; it also allows you to target your audience specifically by demographics and interest. With a simple and user friendly Mobile application you can target a large share of market. You can send push messages using app and can also offer coupons and incentivize your customers. It also offers a good integrity with Google analytics.

3. Creates visible recognition and brand –
When your app is available on customer’s phone, it helps them to remember you every time, and as a bonus they carry you with them every time; which creates a mark in their mind and helps them to remember you and your services. Your app must be designed to build a connection with the users i.e. more they will understand, more they will be involved, more they will recognize you and more they will be motivated to buy your services.

4. Boost your sales with ecommerce on mobile apps –
Having mobile app with ecommerce platform helps you offer easy platform for your buyers to select and buy the products. It helps you to view the availability of the products, and also gives them choice to go through entire list and select their choices. It also helps customer to know what is available in your stock; which is easier way comparing word of mouth and displaying it on website increasing load of images and pages on website. It also helps you offer interactive deals, incentive coupons, social sharing and lots more.

5. Go viral on social media –
Mobile applications can very easily connect you to the social media and also help you get a better visibility. It will also help you attract more customers, users and much more traffic back to your mobile application and website. It also encourages referral, what people like – they refer it to their friends and family. What in today’s world is easy then sharing on social networks?

6. Easy promotion –
Imagine yourself, rushing to the airport after a networking meet; You didn’t got taxi and suddenly one of the potential investor from the meet offers you a ride to airport, grabbing this opportunity you took out your mobile app and demonstrate some of your company’s highest capabilities, isn’t it a promotion?
You can use your app for:
1. Social references by connecting them to social networking sites.
2. Promote specific products, services and events totally free.
3. Using in-app data for refined offerings.
4. Get an exposure to a new market.
5. Create apps for events – In events if you want your participants to stay connected with the event. Then you can go for the app which will give them all the details for the event and will also have the details after the events.
6. You can also promote by raising contest.
7. Stay on top of competitors with RSS and lots more.

7. Add value on existing services –
Feedbacks always work – Sometimes motivating, sometimes as critics. Whatever they are they always add value to your business. Go for easy customer service inquiries and you can get to know what your customers feel about your services.
Say no to paper coupons – You can give a coupon online which will consume no resources and save you money. You can also give additional payback coupons which will show money in their wallet and inspires them to buy again.
Follow ups – It also proves to be a great platform for after sales services and follow up services, you don’t have to rush customers using mails, phone calls, handwritten cards or any other follow up services. What you have to do is, raise a notification and it will spread the word; whether it’s a sale, discount, contest, event, gifts, and incentives.

Don’t you think that makes the things much easier and smoother?
When you can get a solution that cost you next to nothing for your business, by eliminating all other advertising media and providing you solution on your finger tips. Why wait and think! Your Mobile Application is just a click away.

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